MAA Spec Ops 8 Epic Loki Video Walk-through

The Norse god of mischief is back again, oh yes once again my friends. Loki makes an appearance in the latest Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 8. What is Loki doing in a Spec Op that has Vision has his main character… beats me, but sure enough he is there and he is an epic encounter.

Before we go any further let me tell you who the character specific deploys are that you will need to complete in order to unlock him.

  • Captain Britain
  • Psylocke
  • Black Knight

Epic-Loki- Spec Ops 8

Clearly Marvel Avengers Alliance is pandering to its fans across the pond so to speak by having members of Excalibur required for this spec ops.  Of course the latest character that Playdom has released, the Black Knight, is needed.  Why am I not surprised.

Below you will find the Video of the Epic Boss Encounter with Loki.  It is a very short encounter, Loki, as you have all seen before is a very simple boss to best, however if you let the battle drag on you may have some trouble.


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