Marvel Avengers Alliance Epic Boss List

Marvel Avengers Alliance has a few “secret bosses” or as they are aptly named in game lingo; EPIC BOSSES.  You will find these extra encounters in almost all chapters, in order to unlock these Epic Boss fights you will need to clear the mission in question fully.  That is to say; All the fights and All the Deploys

Below is a list of the missions along with the heroes you will need to successfully complete each mission.

2.3 (Chapter 2 Mission 3) ELEKTRA

3.5 (Chapter 3 Mission 5) Dr. DOOM

4.4 (Chapter 4 Mission 4) MAGNETO

5.3 (Chapter 5 Mission 3) LOKI

6.3 (Chapter 6 Mission 3) Dr. OCTOPUS

7.3 (Chapter 7 Mission 3) The GREEN GOBLIN

8.5 (Chapter 8 Mission 5) The HOOD

9.4 (Chapter 9 Mission 4) M.O.D.O.K.

10.4 (Chapter 10 Mission 4) DORMAMMU

11.3 (Chapter 11 Mission 3) BARON ZEMO


What you will need in order to complete these Epic Boss encounters:


2.3 Elektra

Elektra 2.3








Total Energy Needed: 90 (or 100 if you choose to face the Mini Boss separately from Bullseye)

Total Deploys: 3

  • 1 Random Deploy (any character) Gone for 1 turn
  • 1 Scrapper Deploy Gone for 2 turns
  • 1 Character specific Deploy: BLACK CAT Gone for 2 turns

Black Cat







Epic Drop: Grecian Sai

Tips to complete this encounter successfully:

You will face Elektra (Infiltrator) accompanied by 2 Ninja scrappers. Ideally you will face her with a solid Bruiser, preferably one that is immune to Bleed effects (The Thing, Colossus) and one hard hitting scrapper.  Provided your Bruiser can protect your team and is immune to bleeding, it should be a relatively easy encounter.  Bear in mind that Elektra will counter attack every time she is struck and subsequently apply bleeds on her target so a coagulator or hemostatic spray is good to have handy.


3.5 Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom Epic Boss








Total Energy Needed: 80 (or 100 if you choose face the 2 Mini bosses separately from Green Goblin)

Total Deploys: 4

  • 1 Blaster Deploy Gone for 1 turn
  • 1 Tactician Deploy Gone for 2 turns
  • 2 Character specific Deploys: BLACK WIDOW Gone for 1 turn & SPIDERMAN Gone for 2 turns

MAA Spider Man







Epic Drop: DoombringerThe Doombringer

Tips to complete this encounter successfully:

In this Epic Boss encounter you will face 3 Doombots (Blasters).  Successful completion of this encounter will demand that you focus your attacks on a single Doombot at a time (they can heal each other).  The Doombots are blasters, so hard hitting Tacticians will help your cause here.


4.4 Magneto

Epic Magneto








Total Energy Needed: 70 (or 80 if you choose face the Mini boss separately from Vapor)

Total Deploys: 4

  • 1 Scrapper Deploy Gone for 2 turns
  • 2 Random Deploys (any character) Gone for 1 turn & 2 turns
  • 1 Character specific Deploy: STORM Gone for 2 turns

Epic Boss Storm







Epic Drop: Magnetic Field GeneratorMFG Magnetic Field Generator

Tips to complete this encounter successfully:

Magneto(Tactician) isn’t a hard fight per say, just long and tedious.  He applies a charge on the team (either positive or negative) then shields himself with a positive or negative shield, severely mitigating the damage he receives. Loading up on characters with bleed applications is a good idea (Black Panther, Tigra, Wolverine, Black Cat) like that he can continuously take damage will direct attacks are dumbed down. Also, pumpkin bombs are rather handy as they do not take the shield into account.


5.3 Loki

Epic Loki








Total Energy Needed: 100 (or 120 if you choose face the 2 Mini bosses separately from Wrecker)

Total Deploys: 5

  • 2 Random Deploys (any characters) Gone 1 turn & 2 turns
  • 1 Blaster Deploy Gone 2 turns
  • 1 Scrapper Deploy Gone 1 turn
  • 1 Character specific Deploy: WOLVERINE Gone 3 turns

Epic Wolverine







Epic Drop: Norn StoneNorn Stone

Tips to complete this encounter successfully:

Loki (Tactician) is pretty easy to beat.  You have to face 3 waves. During the 1st wave you face a single Loki who will debuff one of your Heroes with “cursed mirror” that will cause that hero’s attacks to heal Loki, so umm don’t attack with that hero. During the 2nd wave you will face 3 Lokis, but only one is the real one.  It is simple to tell which one it is, it is the one with out the debuff icon on (and the only one that takes damage) Kills that Loki and you move on.  During the 3rd wave you face one Loki again, this time he will buff himself with Kaleidoscopic Illusion (making your direct attacks more prone to miss).  Infiltrators are handy here, he doesn’t hit too hard so their counter attack class trait will speed things up.


6.3 Dr. Octopus

Epic Dr. Octopus








Total Energy Needed: 100  (or 110 if you choose face the Mini boss separately from Crimson Cowl)

Total Deploys: 5

  • 1 Bruiser Deploy Gone 3 turns
  • 1 Scrapper Deploy Gone 1 turn
  • 2 Random Deploys (any characters) Gone 1 turn & 1 turn
  • 1 Character specific Deploy: LUKE CAGE Gone 3 turns

Epic Luke Cage







Epic Drop: Electrostatic ArmElectrostatic Arm

Tips to complete this encounter successfully:

Dr. Octopus (Tactician) is one of the harder Epic Bosses.  He comes with a scrapper and a blaster and they are also a pain in the rear end.  The thing about Doc Oc is that he is a scientist and like all good scientists he creates diseases and super serums.  The best way to deal with Doc Oc is to get rid of his allies asap.  Then you can focus on him.  The problem though is dealing with the ISO corruption he put on you and or your allies.  One way to deal with this is to bring along Scarlet Witch, he Chaos Shield is a big help.  Otherwise you can try using a protected who has high immunity  like The Thing or Colossus. Bring along some health packs and some gene inoculators to be safe.  You may have to try this one a few times to get it right.


7.3 The Green Goblin

Epic Green Goblin








Total Energy Needed: 100  (or 110 if you choose face the Mini boss separately from Jack O’Lantern)

Total Deploys: 5

  • 1 Scrapper Deploy Gone 1 turn
  • 1 Tactician Deploy Gone 3 turns
  • 2 Random Deploys (any characters) Gone 1 turn & 1 turn
  • 1 Character specific Deploy: SPIDERMAN Gone 2 turns

Epic Spiderman Deploy-2







Epic Drop: Goblin GliderGoblin Glider

Tips to complete this encounter successfully:

The Green Goblin (Scrapper) is about as easy as they come, provided you bring along some heavy hitters and finish him off quickly. The Goblin injects a serum in himself that will eventually give him more attacks the longer the fight goes, so waste him early.  Hercules (if you have him) will make short work of the Green Goblin, But Thor and Thing aren’t bad alternatives.


8.5 The Hood

Epic The Hood








Total Energy Needed:  90  (or 100 if you choose face the Mini boss separately from Viper)

Total Deploys: 5

  • 1 Blaster Deploy Gone 2 turns
  • 1 Tactician Deploy Gone 3 turns
  • 2 Random Deploys (any characters) Gone 1 turn & 1 turn
  • 1 Character specific Deploy: HAWKEYE Gone 2 turns

Epic Haweye Deploy







Epic Drop: Possessed PistolPossessed Pistol

Tips to complete this encounter successfully:

Defeating The Hood (Infiltrator) is a question of patience and time.  There are 3 waves to deal with and the Hood appears in all 3 of them.  The thing with The Hood though is that he doesn’t come with regular old henchmen, each wave comes with a couple of super villains you have seen before; wave 1- Hydro Man (Bruiser) & Crimson Cowl (Infiltrator) wave 2- Constrictor (Tactician) & Madame Masque (Tactician) wave 3- Gargoyle (Scrapper) & Jack O’Lantern (Blaster).

So as you can see you get a little bit of everything with this epic boss encounter.  Keep in mind that The Hood will flee the first 2 waves if his health is brought to right around 25%, so focus your attacks on him (in the following waves he won’t have full health).

As for the group make up, well scrappers are definitely good to bring along (Ghost Rider is probably the perfect choice, but if you don’t have him any will do really). Along with that scrapper you’ll want to bring in a strong Infiltrator (Tigra if possible, Black Cat or Kitty Pryde can also do the Job)  Of course with so many varied classes to face you you Have Mockingbird, you are golden.

As long as you knock out The Hood early in each wave you should have a relatively easy time getting through this long encounter.


9.4 M.O.D.O.K.









Total Energy Needed: 110  (or 120 if you choose face the Mini boss separately from Abomination)

Total Deploys: 5

  • 1 Tactician Deploy Gone 1 Turn
  • 1 Random Deploy (any character) Gone 1 turn
  • 3 Character specific Deploys: INVISIBLE WOMAN Gone 2 turns ROGUE Gone 2 turns THING Gone 2 turns

Thing Epic Deploy

Invisible Woman Epic Deploy

Rogue Epic Deploy







Epic Drop (Normal Mode): Only For KillingOnly for Killing

Epic Drop (Challenge Mode): Batstone Model 7Batstone Model 7

Tips to complete this encounter successfully:

M.O.D.O.K. (Blaster) is relatively easy as far as epic boss encounters go.  He has no allies, so you don’t have to worry about that.  He does heal himself and that could make the fight last a little longer than you might like.  The only thing to watch out for is his Mental Anguish debuff (deals damage when the afflicted character attacks). Aside from that and his pesky heal, he is a straight up encounter.


10.4 Dormammu

Epic Dormammu


Total Energy Needed: 1o0  (or 110 if you choose face the Mini boss separately from Enchantress)

Total Deploys: 5

  • 2 Random Deploys (any characters) Gone for 1 turn & Gone for 1 turn
  • 1 Blaster Deploy Gone for 3 turns
  • 1 Scrapper Deploy Gone for 2 turns
  • 1 Character specific Deploy: SPIDERWOMAN Gone for 2 turns

Spiderwoman Epic Deploy


Epic Drop (Normal Mode):Touch of Flame and ShadowTouch of Flame and Shadow

Epic Drop (Challenge Mode):Custom Vibra-ShotelCustom Vibra-Shotel


Tips to complete this encounter successfully:

Dormammu (Generalist), as you would expect, comes with a full complement of demons :)

3 waves and a mix of classes, First wave is Bruiser and Pummeler, the Second wave is a couple of Blasters and a tactician and finally Dormammu with a couple of sexy Demon infiltrators (if demon women with scorpion tails are sexy)

Because of the varying classes and the fact that Dormammu is a Generalist, many different team combinations could work. A Scrapper Agent, Ghost Rider and Modern Blaster Thor breezed through him.  So take that with a grain of salt.


11.3 Baron Zemo

Epic Baron Zemo








Total Energy Needed: 1o0  (or 110 if you choose face the Mini boss separately from Mystique)

Total Deploys: 5

  • 3 Random Deploys (any characters) Gone for 1 turn & Gone for 1 turn &Gone for 2 turns
  • 1 Bruiser Deploy Gone for 2 turns
  • 1 Character specific Deploy: PHOENIX Gone for 3 turns

Phoenix Deploy







Epic Drop (Normal Mode)Sword of BaronySword of Barony

Epic Drop (Challenge Mode): Custom Sword of Barony


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